web design

I have been designing web sites since 2002 and maintaining updates for web sites. These updates include graphics, newsletters, monthly minutes, inquiry forms and calendars. All of my programming is done with either Macromedia Dreamweaver or Notepad. Web site coding includes HTML and JavaScript coding. Various other coding scripts can be used when requested. These are pre-configured scripts; not wrote by me.

Graphic programs I use are Macromedia Fireworks Macromedia Fireworks, Microsoft Photo Editor, Microsoft Publisher, and Adobe Photo Deluxe. Your company logo can be converted for online viewing.

Please visit my websites link to view all the current websites that I have created and maintain. 

hardware &
I have been repairing computers since 1995. These repairs include both hardware and software repair. Hardware repairs include replacing non-working parts and upgrading current hardware such as memory. Parts from your old computer may be transferred to your new computer; when compatible, although sometimes purchasing a new computer is cheaper than fixing your old computer. I DO NOT PURCHASE COMPUTERS FOR CUSTOMERS. I recommend Dell for a new computer or laptop.

Software repairs including backing up your current files (such as pictures and documents), cleaning viruses, spyware or spam off your computer. Software repair may include reformatting your hard drive and reinstalling your operating system. Please note reinstalling requires the original software or purchasing new software to guarantee that your computer works as it should.

Looking to upgrade your current operating system to Windows 10? Aastek Computers also provides this service. Need Antivirus or firewall software? These services are also provided.
miscellaneous services

Networking services that I provide are DSL, Cable and Wireless setup. This does not including running the cables from the wall. The lines must already been installed. My services for this setup includes installing routers, switches, cable/DSL modems, and wireless pro ducts. This service also includes connecting any or all of these to your computer individually or with a network. Small business networks are also provided service.

I also provide technical support for small business. I currently maintain a Windows server with networked computers for a local company.

Need Windows or Microsoft Office training? I provide Windows support for all Windows products except Vista.

Phone support for software and hardware is also provided for current and new customers. Please note unless under warranty there is a charge for phone support depending on the time involved.

I now support smartphone setup. This includes Iphones and Android.

Please send me an email for questions. I will be happy to try to help with any computer problem.


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